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Track sessions are focused on varying your speed between intensity and recovery to help build both speed and endurance

Track sessions are an essential part of a varied training regime that will rapidly improve running ability

The sets cater for all ability ranges and with coaching and run leaders closely involved there is plenty of opportunity for feedback and pointers on your running

The technique based training will help you to become a better and more efficient runner that will soon have you achieving your hopes and aims for running

Training types include

- Regular interval sets (e.g. sets of x 200m + 100m recovery)

- Parlufs - running in pairs doing intensity distances while your partner recovers

- Increasing intensity (100m, 200m, 300m) sometimes with varying recovery distance

- Time based recovery (400m run with recovery reducing from 90s to 10s)

- Time trial - run a distance at race speed

- Endurance - longer distance sets


Plus many others

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