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C25K The End or Just the Beginning?

Saturday 9th March saw the all the hard work and effort of our amazing group reach its pinnacle with the Bedworth Park run welcoming the Nuneaton Harriers C25K runners.

This had been preceeded by a 5km at the Pingles stadium on the 7th for those who couldn't make it Saturday or just wanted to prove to themselves they could reach the finish line, though maybe the reward of cake in the club house afterwards had a little influence.

Despite some heavy rain and chilly conditions at the park run every single one of the starters made it to the finish line with their magnificent determination and dedication on full show.

The smiles and laughter were glowing testament to the joy that everyone of the people who completed the course have gotten from their fantastic achievement and they quite rightly showed off their hard earned medals and certificates with glowing pride

The flurry of lovely thank you messages and the odd gift were the icing on the cake for Ian, Martin and myself who have thoroughly enjoyed the honour of getting each one of the group to the finish line

We are looking forward to seeing more of this group as they become the next chapter in the proud history of the Nuneaton Harriers