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Couch To 5k Week 7 Details

We noticed a real effort this week you are really making excellent progress.

It’s hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks left. A few people have asked, “What happens when we have finished the course?” If you wish to continue running with the club the £10 you paid for the course will be taken off the first years membership fee which will reduce it from £42.00 to £32.00 for adults, this price includes your England Athletics registration which entitles you to a discount off many events you may enter in the future and also enables you to represent the club in races including cross country and road leagues. If you prefer not to be a competing member you can take a further £15.00 off the membership price making it £27.00.

The new weekly sessions will be: -


This will be a track session similar to the sessions we have been doing and will be suitable for your ability.


Will be a road session, slowly bringing you up to around 10k, ready for the Nuneaton 10k in September. We shall also introduce new types of sessions for example Hills and Fartlek. We will be sticking together, going as fast as the slowest runner or looping back as required.

Session fees are £3.00 for members or £4.00 for non-members.

Please let us know if you would be interested in this so we can gauge numbers.

Also Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council are hosting a 5k Run on Sunday 24th March from our running club around Riversley Park and ending on our track! Costs are Adults 18+ £12, 12-17 years old £6, 11 and under go FREE!

This weeks sessions are as follows :-

Tuesday, Thursday and 3rd session.

5 min brisk warm up

25 min run

5 min cool down.

I will try and organise a hill session for Sunday 3rd March for anyone who is interested to learn some hill techniques that will be useful for the hills at Bedworth park run on the 9th, again let me know if you would like to do this.

I am away this week but you will be well looked after by Martin and Alan

Have a great week, Think about the 1 min run we did at the start and how far you have come, we are so proud of your efforts.